Who We Are

Berean Healthcare is founded on the principles of honest communication, delivering the highest level of customer service to our clients and candidates which is an essential element of our success.

We are a direct hire company founded on the principles of honest communication, delivering promised performance, improving the recruitment experience of healthcare professionals, fair dealing, and respect for business partners, few words and rapid action.

Berean Healthcare connects hospitals and healthcare providers with highly qualified, full or part-time healthcare professionals in a variety of specialized disciplines, including:

  • Registered nurses and surgical technologists
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists
  • Histologists, cytologists and medical lab technicians
  • Radiation therapists and dosimetrists
  • Respiratory therapists and sleep technicians
  • Radiology, ultrasound, MRI and CT technologists
  • Family practice physicians, internists, psychiatrists and hospitalists
  • Pharmacists
  • Clinical research, support, data management and IT
  • And much more

Our candidates and clients are invited to remind us of our commitment to these principles should they question one of our actions or business decisions. We, of course, feel most committed to partnering with healthcare professionals and clients who accept these same principles as their own and stay true to them.

Mission Statement

“Leading the industry in quality, service, and compassion with God’s help and guidance”